Process for becoming and authorised Enter and View representative

Under the Healthwatch regulations, local Healthwatch organisations have the power to 'Enter and View' providers so that our authorised representatives can observe how services are being delivered.
Two women outside a hospital - one has a healthwatch lanyard and is holding a clipboard speaking to the other woman as though asking questions

Organisations must allow an authorised representative from Healthwatch to 'Enter and View' and look at how services are being provided, as long as this does not affect the care being delivered or the privacy and dignity of people using services.

Providers do not have to allow entry to parts of a care home which are not communal areas or allow entry to premises if their work on the premises relates to children’s social services. We are not permitted to 'Enter and View' local authorities’ social services for people under the age of 18.

What is Enter and View?

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Anyone can become a Healthwatch Enter and View volunteer. Find out more about the process in our guide.

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