Resources to help you make a complaint

As the COVID-19 pandemic places unprecedented pressure on services, many health and social care providers have temporarily suspended complaints processing to allow staff to be redeployed to the frontline response. You are still entitled to make a complaint, but it may take longer than usual to receive an outcome.

If you are a resident in Bath and North East Somerset you can use the following services to make a complaint:

You can also contact us to find out how to get help with making your complaint.

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Knowing how to make a complaint

Making a complaint can be a daunting task, so knowing who you can complain to and what to do is essential. 

We can help you. We've worked with Healthwatch England to produce straightforward advice will guide you through the process from knowing who to talk to, top tips on what to do and what you can expect from services in response. 

Read our complaints advice

Complaints advocacy services

Every area of England has an independent NHS complaints advocacy service funded by the local authority. They can help you make a complaint about an NHS service or work out what you want to achieve from a complaint. 

POhWER hold the contract in our area. 

Visit POhWER website

Patient Advice Liaison Service 

Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health matters. It provides a point of contact for patients, families and carers.

PALS do not investigate individual complaints but can give you general advice about the NHS complaints procedure.

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