Explaining COVID and the Vaccine to those with Learning Disabilities and Autism

Are you or someone you know looking for Easy Read information to explain our current situation with COVID, vaccines, and Lockdown? If so, we have collated the latest documents, films, and audio to help explain and reassure you and your loved ones.
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Keep Safe UK has produced a selection of Easy Read information on COVID, Lockdown, the COVID vaccine, and getting ill; 

NHS England has developed a film for people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people about vaccination. It describes what a vaccine is, how vaccines are made, why you should get a vaccine, whether a vaccine makes you ill and how to decide whether to have a vaccine.

Information about vaccines: For people with Learning Disabilities


If you would like more detailed Easy Read information on the COVID-19 vaccination or the National Lockdown, the NHS has produced these leaflets with the latest information.

Easy Read Leaflet on COVID-19 vaccination
Easy Read Leaflet on National Lockdown - COVID-19
Easy Read - Road Map Out of Lockdown

Other forms of accessible COVID-19 information and activities can be found on Storicise a website developed by the Department of Health and Social Care to help children better understand COVID-19 featuring TV doctors, Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand Van Tulleken. 

Storicise has videos and activities for both Primary and Secondary children to explore, ask questions, and understand about the pandemic.

Why not take a look?


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