Non-Emergency Patient Transport review - Call for evidence

Following on from reports around the country of issues faced by people trying to access non-emergency patient transport a review of the service is now being carried out. Find out how you can have your say about this.
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Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS)take patients to and from their homes, to their care provider, for planned appointments and treatment. NEPTS are for those patients who:

  • Have a condition such that they need additional medical support during their journey
  • Find it difficult to walk
  • Are the parents, guardians, or children, of patients who need transport

Towards the end of last year, a review into NEPTS was announced following the publication of a series of reports highlighting specific challenges with patient transport services.

What does the NHS want to know

The review will comprise a literature review, marketplace and stakeholder engagement, and data collection.

The NHS would welcome your insight, examples, and data, on the challenges to the service, good practice and innovation, and ideas and solutions.  

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