Gypsy, Roma, Traveller and Showmen communities focus of new COVID vaccine film

A new film featuring renowned Romany journalist, Jake Bowers, explores what traveling communities can do to help with the pandemic and encourages them to have the COVID vaccine.

'Give COVID the jab' is a new video by the NHS and features the boxing club of British boxer, Les Stevens one of the first Romany men to die from COVID-19 in the first wave.

It was produced by the NHS in partnership with First Community Health and Care, and the hope is that the film will not only educate but inform. As well as answering common questions communities may have about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Give COVID the jab

Speaking about the project, Lisa Gavin, First Community’s Clinical Services Manager for GRT and Inclusion Health said, 

“Once we started the dialogue about the vaccine it became evident a lot of the Traveller communities harboured concerns and fears about getting vaccinated, despite their nomadic lifestyle potentially increasing their risk of coming into contact with and spreading Covid-19.

“We know there is often a low literacy rate among GRT communities, so it was imperative we addressed their questions and concerns in a way that was inclusive and accessible to all and could be easily shared to reach as many people as possible,”

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