People with lived experience of using mental health, autism and learning disability services needed

Do you have lived experience of using mental health, learning disability or autism services in B&NES, or do you currently use any of these services, or live with somebody who does? Bath and North East Somerset Council want to hear your views.
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Would you like to help shape local services so that people aged 18-64 years with mental ill health, learning disabilities and autism can live as independently as possible?

Bath and North East Somerset Council and Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group are starting a project to look at Independence at Home and Supported Living services in B&NES.

Independence at Home services include any services which provide support to people in their own home with specific tasks or to deliver specific outcomes and can include support at night. Supported living is any housing scheme where housing, support and sometimes care services are provided together.

Their aims

They would like for people using these services to:

  • Have their needs met close to home.
  • Receive person-centred support. This means the person using the service is at the centre of decisions being made and services work with the person to help them live the life they want.
  • Live as independently as possible

Help shape local services

They would like people with lived experience or people currently using services to work with us on this project. They would also value input from families or carers of people using these services. Ways in which you could help could include:

  • Talking with them about what you think is needed in services or what gaps are in services.
  • Designing what services look like. This might include what the service does, who it is for, what objectives the service will meet, how we will know that the service is doing a good job.
  • Looking at ways people access services and get referred to services
  • They would invite different service providers to place ‘tender bids’. These will tell us about how each provider would deliver the service that we are asking for. They would need some service users to help look at these bids and give their opinion on how well they think each provider bidding would deliver the service.

How to get involved

You can take part in a way that suits you best, e.g by phone, zoom, email, or by completing a questionnaire. You may also prefer to be part of a ‘virtual group’ or talk to someone on your own.

To take part please contact:

Ellie Weyman: 01225 477977/

Andrew Du Rose:

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